El término BIOARTMI está compuesto por las palabras Biológico-Artificial-Mecánico-Inteligente, que hacen referencia a los estándares activos de la energía percibidos como parámetros evolutivos.

BIOARTMI tiene como misión el propiciar mejores condiciones de desarrollo a gran escala, por medio de investigaciones de orden mixto que propongan modelos aplicables al objeto de estudio.

miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

Philosophical Zero by Emmanuel Ciaro Index

 Introduction to the Human Integral Paradigm

Cosmological semantics
Human power perception
Reconfiguring power figure
The Game
An apparent behavior
Programming Human evolution
Advancing Human issues
What keep us human?
Philosophical Zero
What’s Macro-structural Reconfiguration
Transhumanism Visions

                Right at this work, economy is taken as a universal instrument to distribute all active resources in cosmos. As a human system, it works over an entanglement of complexities that allows to run basic needs –such as food, dressing, infrastructure, etcetera-; it grows an automatic dynamics to sustain our civilization. Technique is an intelligent aspect as well –in a sequential sense, not rational− that’s been growing altogether with our species and it doesn’t necessarily synchronize with our decisions. Production of life on specific conditions of planet Earth depends of this technical autonomy –sequential intelligence− and it wouldn’t need human intervention to emerge. On the line of this natural process an economical system runs from astronomical, to biological level up to achieve the commercial platform that we are experiencing now. Before getting deeper into the powerful range of interactions among systems, I’ll display the scenery of our human behavior up to now.
                Darwinism propose that only the strongest organisms to get adapted will survive to adversity, nevertheless, technical procedure of adaptability shows conditions that overwhelmed the constitution of these strongest organisms. Prehistoric species are datable examples to foreseen not the strongest ones will prevail over the lower scale resistance condition ones; it would even open the chance to smaller species and even to other phenomena such as adaptive involution or a noetologic condition –suspended evolution−. With humanity on the core of this analysis, a bio-economical perception will be developed.
                Let’s start with a small group of homo sapiens to compare gradually their world perceptive performance. The group would integrating one or more leaders, the organizing minority, and the followers, that could be equal in number or exceed the quantity of individuals. The followers put in practice the instruction from leaders and learn their experience. The most important issue is that economy becomes a social primitive instrument. Leaders has the privilege to select everything that is functional and comfortable for them, whether if they use advantage from the followers or to be served by them. Leader must be the example in command and show’s authority, the result is that followers learn to do and to obey. In nature this procedure operates as a logical transference of intelligent perception in order to get adapted to environment, but big changes provide different consequences. If eventually the leader is deceased, followers must reorganize group’s functions.
                It would seem normal that organizing parameters from nature −principally the economical ones that our species use to survive− continue to be the same since prehistory, so the leaders that exploit the work from their followers were the production benefit would be a natural constitutive for organisms surviving upon it’s intelligent gift; could seem convenient over a social system that has change not and is justified by nature itself, but our human condition has not congruency to this paradigm ever more.
                Native and modern cultures experiment the old saying “Man is a Wolf to man”, by Thomas Hobbes, in 16th century. To be man the entropy of himself goes to reach a possible evolutionary limit as a species; even if we perceive an ontological puberty in humanity our species finds unable to get off from a childish way of rationalism, most of all in the era of technological growing. So the best way to define the suspended structures, that may come from the very reason and consciousness, is power supported by an economical system that is a tool to define the value and priority of all resources.
                It would be easy to notice entropy as a manner of systematization and then how humanity would become a victim-like because of its configuration, but it only would be a victim if we took off the responsibility of its undeniable procedures. When power is a fact for bad consequences –principally for those harmed by it-, victim would be the whole humanity, only in the case that entropy was a determinist way in reason and this is an incorrect scenario for our reason that goes through a process of transformation centuries ago. The issue of the present work is to realize why this reasoning system should be shut down.
Human performance has been holding by a political-economical-social trap which is the perimeter to perceive reality; just as children, we pretend to give sense to a group of rational tendencies to gain primitive wishful stuff −in a physiological sense− that provides barely rigorous stimulations. To get an academic-professional-affective successful trajectory should be such as complex as the knowledge and the planet that hosts us, so we could really be proud to be an intelligent species. Humanity has the commitment to equalize with all systems and to improve its recognition of functional changes in reality, not to find immediate limitations from cultural customs. Technology could represent human nobility as a resulting process, but let’s step this issue in order to keep going our enhancement analyzing status.
Tecnique is an orbital implement for humanity –such as nature is so− and it has driven us almost rationally to discover its capacities to understand it, not to fear it. For many people it could be disappointing technology’s evolving applications to the ordinary world ‘cause it doesn’t fits with the imagery of fiction just yet and even though humanity tends to antropofizing one kind of artificial life, technology shows us is developing away from human manipulation, besides its programming needs and synthesized hardware. To avoid organic life dismissing, is necessary that factors interact among each other more rigorously so they could operate in conditions of harmony and chaos.
Human social functions has determine standards of surviving that depends on the best qualified power figure to manipulate the economic system conditions and to forced it to operate against humanity. This cannot be permissible any longer.
In a political sense, economy is the highest issue on civilization’s structures because resources on a territory provides autonomy, culture, technique and a particular systematization for all processes; the most important benefit is that it gives the chance to create alliances and to survive. Economy is a universal category which determines that what exists and that what starts some new process. Human power figure uses resources to generate the economic activity for its territory and with good resulting must have generate great development for most of its systems and structures, but the wrong use of it works against humanity’s surviving.
Later is going to be described the power figure as a real provider in case it could get to be reconfigured. Now the issue is to analyze the scenery where it performs.
Anyone fits with the thinking that verifiable knowledge of history allows to pick up better judges, but this time I will taking a not unusual resource that corresponds to a consistent and dialectic transformation of the facts, that is: For an individual not to know it all is a real condition to perceive his action perimeter without get any affectations from the judge of others. Is convenient to be the most informed as possible about the things that are related with our interests, but variables are real too, so omissions of data on a speech could be authentic or intentional whether information manages is somehow insufficient. This is a constant manifestation because language behavior foreseen the possible lack of information. Even neurophysiological processes activate or not the synapsis required establishing the correct thinking flux.
This argument works to introduce one of the principles that serves into this theoretical project: The Imprecission Principle. Throughout history, human thinking pursues the ideal of perfection that any trajectory must achieve –both individual and cultural−; at the same time there’s always the rational justification “To err is human”. We use to turn to these strategies when expecting result fits not. If we transport this procedure to a productive chain enclose onto a congruent system where each production face has it’s particular economical method and the processes gets constantly reconfigured, failing to get the perfection needed spread a great deal of wasting, energy losses in different versions which particular pulse could be cut-off or generate random consequences. This is important for the Imprecision Principle: We perceive failure as if it were a universal law that breaks up before our very own eyes and we are unable to change it. If we input this onto a political, economical, social justice or scientific safetiness, resulting could be catastrophic, so what we should do is to improve our perceptive capabilities to get to a more satisfying performance.
The expectative trouble now is that a desirable turn out is often non-negotiable and this reproduce a restricted behavior, unable to appreciate the unlimited possibilities that could operate corresponding to human benefit and by consequence to the whole natural world. If imprecision level up to a principle status, humanity would be able to identify multiple variables in to a more straight scenery with our perception more attached to real facts and not to shallow expectations. The Imprecision Principle says: Every constitutive of reality is contingent and perfectible, to endure imprecision as a knowledge agent means approaching to perfection.  This means that certainty about imprecision reduces the odds to employ exceeding effort and power as a rational resource. Our species is about to go through a paradigm turning in which anomalous circumstances should be not perceived right as harmful and instead of should be re-configured, then nothing would be forced to fit over inappropriate structures.

Macro-structural Aknowledgment
Before I start with this theme, I insist there’s no intention to bring down the universal human structures, the minimum tendency to do it wouldn’t solidify our species. Education and family, for instance, are institutions to conform and stimulate our interpretation of the world, but ironically they’re the first ones to crumble at the perfection ideal. The follow analysis reveals the advantages by dynamize the most decisive processes.
Lets began by introducing three concepts that will be mentioned:
1.- Pre-structure: State before a process get start.
2.- Structure: State where a process have an initiate point of development.
                3.- Macro-structure: Is the magnitude measure to determinate the condition of a process, conformed by any power constitution.
                In a human context –though it works over universal, evolutionary or creation models−, a pre-structure is the space, the momentum and vital conditions before it’s configuration is already settled. Breeding, break points in life or corporative conflicts that end’s upon a war, all of these issues has an external precedent condition that is not related specifically to the process itself. When the process become independent from direct influences of other processes, it’s hosting field becomes it’s particular structure.
                               When this new process kick’s on influencing exterior conditions, its beating pulse starts an interaction with macro-structure and, depending on the consistency of the initial condition of the process, the beating gets feedback and will last a certain quantity of time.
                To take a sight of the multiple interactions there could be, I’ll describe another example: The sources displayed on nature are the pre-structures of a building that would be constructed. When the sources become the materials that will be used to the construction structures, systems began linking the building itself with a whole new universe of different functions. Human beings would be the users of the building that will be useful to the macro-structure as well; in case that circumstances would drive differently, building could be demolished –a decision that could have been taken at the very interior of the building. This is a whole particular process too, so, to have a recycling material planning means to know how avoid the wasting of those materials that once conformed a structure. As it got stated before, the particular pulse of a process has its own durability in coexistence with human activity.
                A human being starts its own pulse, with no tight structural condition and all senses attached to the environment. I will describe a successful human performing that makes him autosuficient and functional to the Macro-structure.
                So when our human character born, all senses are working correctly, familiar environment, though is not a privilege one, gets him set to be a capable individual very early to start his own independent experience. From now on is prepared to deal with his own qualities, emotions and feelings, so he could choose a style, the people who he will interact with, his interests, etcetera. His pulse remains active with challenges, stimulations and results. Macro-structure is fully interacting without any tricks because pre-structures makes functional this hypothetical model. No matter how he has reached his personal fulfilling, now he is successful and is capable to make serious decisions. Is not been easy, he’s just achieve what everyone has the chance to reach; now that he’s fully part of the macro-structure, people serves him as he has to do somehow with other people too. When he should die he would settled the good functioning of his efforts, he would leave inheritance, goods, some symbolical and material contributions to the world and his residual energy could conform another processes. About what has to do with him, this would be the end of his particular pulse, finished with success without any goals disturbing and leaving his print over the people who related with him. The end.
                ¿Is there any anomaly with this movie? Take in count the exclusion of the adjective wrong. Judgment in this scenario is functional, not moral, so this example works not to be convenient. For a better comprehension of the circumstances, the best is to start from a convergent point of view. Everyone, poor or rich, could think is the most desirable living experience, so everybody tries to reach it, but we know is not the only one. This character goes through all the conditions that we all experience somehow throughout our living time. This is ideal because this scenery contains most ambitions of the regular human individual, but it doesn’t describe the particular positive and negative experiences the character had and those of the people who interacted with him. Some could think this exercise shows that each of us choose their own living path, but it is really more complex than that.
                Macro-structure is a joint system that operates to satisfy its congruency pulse. Successful individuals generate a high or low influencing pulse that rises among those that does not satisfy the conditions of this systematization. That’s the reason why I’m positive there are anomalies in the movie. The hypothetic scenery of our character applies to rich or poor, ignorant or wise people and in multiple combinations. The anomaly is the actual configuration in macro-structure, because it veils the complex possibilities and keeps the activity over inert pulses that obstruct any systematical interaction. So, seemingly, successful people functioning at the actual configuration on macro-structure can live on luxury or poverty and in every sense everybody experience on the other’s skin thinking it is just unconceivable, but as they come from the same dysfunctional macro-structural configuration, every human being represents all humanity no difference.
                By understanding that a monetary status does not mean the main living goal, the human race would identify those aspects that should be reconfigured. Now, knowledge must be applied to enhance, not to corrupt, so macro-structure could be magnified. It is true that as individuals we are not equal, some live better with less, other with more. ¿What’s more? ¿Comfort/Knowledge? ¿What’s less? ¿Food/Culture?
                Lets condiment it with conflict. Up to now, everything can seems logical, reasonable “the ideal” to be approaching to a solution, but the money concept breaks up our expectations. Just about the last questions, if the reader has experience some status of comfort, knowledge, food and culture, you might thought that either of those needs was more than the others, possibly you would organize them depending on your priorities, but not to underestimated them. When this factors are introduced as commercial transactions, with the exception that they would support the abstract economical order, that could appreciate the magnificence and complexity of life, it applies excessive power on activities that doesn’t require it or that most of the times produce harming repercussions.
                To generate a discussion over money using is not the porpoise of the present work, but to switch to a new paradigm of human structures applying knowledge with superior goals, more productive and useful than those that restrict systems as economy, by misunderstanding consequences.

                Cosmological semantics
                The most intriguing condition upon reality is that universe exist, no matter if it is perceived by any intelligent entity or by anyone at all; so if the unique species that we could be sure that perceives it –is not necessary to start any discussion about alien life− fails at experience it, this really would be an enormous loss. It could be thought that we’re ain’t the only life proceeding in cosmos, but we are now in it and the possibility that perception, conscience and reason wouldn’t be able to avoid a potential piece of cake, that would be a waste of time that could had been used to keep up into the Universal Olimpic Games that don’t belong to the winner’s code but to the capability paradigm where humanity would represents knowledge itself.
                Economy is a cosmologic quality, not a reason-made one, so macro-structure’s economy as a system is not exclusively for human civilization, its functions are for a superior structuration magnitude, so humanity must be capable to manage it. If somebody shrinks their shoulders at a reasoning like this, then it would be proving our systems must be reconfigured.
                I decide to introduce this section about the universe’s semantics to contextualize the issues that our perceptive procedures can’t reach. There is a theoretical model that explains the cosmos consistency, a bit parallel to most rigorous fields like Relativity theory and Quantum mechanics that propose something different. Without getting deeper on these, the Morphic Fields theory from Dr. Rupert Sheldrake could be relevant to the possibility that energy operates as information packages to distribute different kinds of proportions. This source is just to understand cosmos as a system cluster where energy becomes entropy, determinism or pre-structured still systems by the uncertainty principle where energy shows morphogentic  field qualities for the multiple cosmological configurations. Far from trying to sustain Dr. Sheldrake’s theory, I would point that macro-structural processes compose a non-verbal language to configure from a cosmological, quantic to organic events and phenomena that are consistent and would keep distance, proportion and power magnitudes, which means that it has its own organization semantics.
                Including a cosmological semantics and putting it into a rigorous observation procedure, would allow that our nature comprehension strategies could pump up our social communication an exploring channels. On genetics, four molecule identification opened wide the odds to understand how one species become different from another.
                To input a macro-structural reconfiguration has the porpoise of increase our perceptive potential, not to trigger dysfunctional procedures with random consequences. An example of anomalous configuration on macro-structure is economy.

                Human power perception
                The follow description of power is about the undeniable inherence it has on our civilization and its permanence. If the main goal was to give an opinion of its functions, the what  and how, the answer would be a  long manuscript about how to deal with an irrational quality that would diminish the individual time of the one who would try to understand it. Irrational because the very motivation of power, though it comes from the human, does not corresponds to an evil nature; power is not a moral issue, it simply uses the sources and if the sources are not there, it produces them: that’s power. One of its assets is to use effective stratagems (willingly euphemistic of course) to get those sources, like crime, corruption, manipulation and many others that any person can mention, but its nature cannot been judge by moral parameters; this is an issue that those who practice it and the ones who deals with its abuse must understand to decrease its interpretative dispersion and to be able to focus on its nature. On critic circumstances it can seem out of proportion and because of this, power is apparently such a despicable force that must be diminished at minimum or disappeared for good, but its substance is not totally rational, for instance: if some public server who cause social damage is dismissed then we will be able to prove that power remains on structures, not on people. To understand this we should think about those times that we’ve pushed conditions to our favor. The most minimum power showing, though it would benefit some third person, gives us a clue about the nature of this energy application. When we hear about the “owners” or “the powerful people” we feel immediately some kind of rejection and if necessary, to fight against those to defense our ideals, so we often think “…if I could, I would”. If we could be with the owners, we would, so more precisely: “When I shall, I will”.   
                I don’t mean to justify any anomalous circumstances. The problem is that the code of certain phenomena wouldn’t get its most complex relevancy; not even the most powerful people perceive the widest magnitudes they’re handling with. The one who abuse takes a moral attribute about it, but it ain’t moral at all. Power is one universal manifestation with a prominent effect on the human brain’s interpretative activity and over the whole nature as well, including immeasurable cases which proportions qualified for metaphysics or extra sensorial powers.  
                Power’s nature is not a scientific matter in a formal sense. It gives information that science is capable to proof, but is not a scientific object. The closest representation of power as corporeity is concentration of energy on a battery, a power facility, a solar cell or even a bomb, but once again it is a transitory condition. If somebody would assure that conscience is capable to do anything or that the power is out in our minds, without mean it, what is saying is that everything can be configured to obtain a foreseen resulting. Flying power –without any vehicle−, walk through walls, super intelligence, etcetera, takes us to the possibility that knowledge achieve the conditions to do it, not the condition itself. If someone flies over the sky without any procedure, it would indicate that some changes are happening and can be reproduced; again: knowledge is the provider.
                Power is the capacity to use information, concentrate and project energy, employ intelligent strategies and to focus the porpoise to use it. The power science doesn’t exist by itself; its substance is intangible in a sense, parameters to measure it are subjective, nevertheless its consequences could be devastating. Speaking of a bomb’s power, is not about the power deploy solely, is about the equivalency among different magnitudes like the base active composing, quantity, damage and destruction that it’ll cause, but none of this factors are the power itself, but the conjunction of it all. If we add the person who takes the decision to use it, we could think the power is on that person or might be the one who construct it or finance it, but none of these are the ones who have it and if we analyze the motivations to create and activate it, then power matters turns diffuse and we would have to return searching for its face, but it hasn’t any.
                Richness is not power either, it can configure multiple scenarios to represent it and apply them effectively, even on misery, but this extremes are contingent and exchange equivalent power proportions.
                This exposition has the porpoise of communicate how power condition is perceived on this work. ¿What’s the power’s substance? The conjunction of every active factors attached to systems made on parts. ¿Can we reduce its influence on reality? No. Is not impossible, but if we would configure the conditions to neutralize it, everything would remain static.

                Reconfiguring power figure
                The power figure is one of the best identified ones because it takes us to an image. If we say battery, solar cell, chief or president we have a representation with a few variables. On its human function it’s about a goal that a high percentage of people have since their infancy to solidify qualities and particular characteristics for each person. On a social level this procedure is dysfunctional because it comes over with such a force that, if some are unable to apply it, would revert its effect to the person that couldn’t control it. It is apparently logical that everybody take charge on their own power figure, nevertheless there are other ways to relate with it.
                A person can assume how it is that his/her power would be projected; someone could make it very humbling, so might tend to abuse of others and that person`s trajectory would be tracked by that behavior possibly the whole lifetime. That candidate might have not the strength or the attitude to support this behavior and grow with frustration or even been determine to change to improve himself. This is one of multiple variations about learning power. When we relate with power figure, we start perceiving the one that comes from the outside to us. There are some ways to resigning from power mental domain, but to doing it is necessary to use the same power by personal sacrifice, a very powerful decision over certain circumstances. It is a paradox to live denying life, though it would have humanist motifs.
                The proposition here to relate and understand the power figure is to identify corresponding qualities from one power figure to another. This perspective transcends a justice ideal, cause “justice” is supported by technical-argumentative traps which not necessarily operates to satisfy power, but to a less transcendent nature. Over this matters it means that human power organize factorial tension to bring down the importance of certain circumstances and throw them to the hall of sterile information; justice’s functions shows an obtuse application of its meaning. To be someone “just” means to enclose our sense of appreciation from a wide drifting capacity. Correlation from one power magnitude to another is the most reliable advancing twist because is not restricted by any tricky arguments, instead is a corresponding procedure.
                Power abuse behavior somehow can be taken as natural. When somebody commit a crime, it is possible that the reason would mean some kind of necessity, but ii could be a cultural-neurological behavior too or an inductive action as well; power abuse is a pernicious and recurrent tendency. Legality instrumentation, in this case, works as a dialectic tool, not reliable because is able to misread the involved parts conditions as a systematic procedure; its reconfiguration would become consequently from apply it to the power figures over the institutions and the States of the world. A reconfigured juridical method is the most complex operation because is about calibrating regional behavior and customs from a interscalling prospective to a worldwide one. Actual legal systems allows that somebody would act against someone else without get any punishment and that someone goes to jail just to try to get a basic need; this is the kind of cases that could been reduce in magnitude.
                If the figure of power is reconfigured, multiple dysfunctional aspects gets fixed almost simultaneously –inter-factorial procedure−, by development mechanisms –attached to de figure of power−; civilization would access to a less distorted political vision and with a healthier interpersonal and social interaction. Is not about searching of good and elimination of evil, that couldn’t be the porpoise of this procedure. Is very important to state that the complexity of systems include the human improvement, but aspire to good behavior would show a sterile perception of living life; it would be a regression to ancient restricting practices for immediate responses and manipulating results. Our particular world’s advancing vision must go from commercial limitations to an enhanced magnitude by the very inhabiting experience –as it will be explained later−.
                The world’s leaders –from little group ones, to governors and entrepreneurs− do experiment the fear of losing and then go excessively to the sense of winning. Over this dynamics sensibility turns insensible, it generates a kind of addiction, but as it is not particularly biochemical is defined as alienation because is directly related with behavior. On the other hand, peoples have a residual idea of power, because if they count with autonomy and determination, the chosen procedure to put on practice their rights are emergent-like strategies, limited and desperate in many cases. It could be thought that there is a “burocracy” among govern and people but is better understood as an obstruction will. The instruments to structure these relations haven’t led to actualize the concepts and procedures; words like “democracy”, “liberty”, “truth”, “benefit” are totally decontextualized, most of all “democracy” is completely anachronic. Perception of reality is discordant with the actual power magnitudes. Cutting off individual liberty by legal technicality or protesting to reclaim human rights are examples of dysfunctional behavioral tendencies and the reason why human procedures don’t progress –Environmental attention initiatives seems to be totally out of any sense. Is absurd that justice operations instead of developing solid measures, on the contrary, feeds public disorder and social distress; that’s a proof that dysfunctionality prevails−. There’s no doubt that humanity has evolved, but strictly speaking, is technique the one that is transforming, not human thinking. As it was mentioned before, technique has evolve in conjunction with the human species –probably with other species too− from its very origin and is been inducing us to develop it even more. This means that intrinsic activity among energy and cosmos is what, no matter the anomalous processes –like human condition− and the entropic variations, it makes possible the emerging of new systems. To this question: “It is power the most important issue?”, the answer would be: Yes. Facoult, in his book Power and Subject, says: “…they seem to suspect the presence of some kind of fatalism, but, wouldn’t they’re own distrustfulness be indicative that power has three different qualities: Its origin, its basic nature and its manifestations?”  Power, but most of all, the figure of power is the first structure that must go through reconfiguration.

                The game
                To transcend the anomalous character of our species, means to increase the odds for humanity to endure by own will and resources, instead of been just a transitory event in universe. Having perception capability, with a high level of consciousness and balanced reason, we are privilege to prevail as a solar system living form; the transcendent situation here is the commitment that we acquire by just being. Thinking depends on its biologic experience to gain terrain over its reason-conscious structural containing, so its function would be to articulate stimulations from the environment and thought reflexing reverted to exterior as well. This is exactly the mechanism that compromises us to generate the transformation procedures and led higher our capacities performance. Technique may or not getting automatized, space exploring can happen or not, the critic point here is to identify our anomalies and get them reconfigured to flow in conjunction with other singularities.
                So, what’s required to reconfigure the figure of power? Up to now, the general economical ambition is to ascend the scale to macrostructure and it means: To have money –much−, not to reach low levels and at certain comfort point, to avoid disturbing of happiness by the real world. Making the figure of power useful since the most early condition –this means that human behavior and customs must sustain knowledge practice in every human institution− reduces energy leaks by having a more rigorous structure of our purposes as species –it would be this way cause human projection would be more solid, not as the progressive disorder it is now−. Our projection must magnify our existing qualities.
                  How would be to live when, instead of developing defense strategies, resources would concatenate different aspects simultaneously? The Macro-structural Reconfiguration has the premise to implement Interfactorial Response Strategies to stating the Integral Human Paradigm. For instance: At the porpoise of dissuading an enemy attack, the more aggressive armament gets developed than that of the opponent –that’s an anomalous strategy−, instead of previously preparing reconfigurations that take care of interfactorial conditions of the conflict –perceiving war as unnecessary; not simulating a commercial solution−, the implementation timing, flexible systemic articulation working and operative cost reduction balance by a non-speculative economy. It could be thought that it works this way, but obviously is not. The game systematization on human mind, up to now, impede that undeniably anomalous circumstances would be a priority to resemble as functional the environment; there are known regions where people need their environment to be readapted to them. Original communities need this adaptation, conserving civilization rhythm, but functional to them as well. Old people and disabled people need the macro-structure to be functional to them, giving adequate options to their vital condition and not to force them to an economical standard that they couldn’t afford. About language matters, technology would solve directly linguistic interaction instead of using “public policies” that promote floating morality leading to energy leaks on different modes. To do this, is necessary to visualize the business viabilities to prevent commercial abuse and, among other things, make people functional if they want to keep productive as a social individual. These are examples to expose low intensity advancement that haven’t been implemented yet.
                Paradoxically, is well known that what haven’t been done by taking it as non-viable issue; that’s how the solving omission becomes justified. Arguments says is an irresoluble “particular interest conflict”, but is not about the interest itself, is the market system that maintain ancient conflicts on activity to keep up with financial abuse; that’s how alienating power is constituted into the anomalous tradition of the game. In that sense, political-business-social changes wouldn’t be perceived on revolutions that come from a democratic ideal because it keeps the same format that they’re trying to disarticulate. A human revolution would always be redundant for its long known precedents of inconformity and unsatisfied needs by belonging to these dysfunctional conditions. Discomfort people demands that their wishes could be reflected on possessions and with powerful people getting punished for the massive suffering they’re creating in the world –that’s how they conceive justice and happiness, but is not like that−. Somehow this aspiration denigrates initiatives of the people that is searching for a world changing, cause the figures of power use emotional levels that plays in order to make them lose; this is a vicious circle that is been working for centuries as an obstacle for human integral growing. Is necessary to implement a justice method which equivalency wouldn’t work a corresponding formulation of good=good but the correction of good, where what is just would not restring the mind possibilities of those who work out any transformation process –any protesting group of people, any judge, a politician or a science man, etcetera− to the useless intention of neutralizing “evil”. Any person who visualize the need of a new human paradigm won’t pursuit the chance to play the game, nor to collapsing it either but to join all its functions to a more congruent state with the structures that had hosted it indolently for the very game is a shallow projection of energy based on human initiative. Over a hypothetic human magnifying context, concepts like goodness, liberty, love, union, happiness, etcetera, wouldn’t be aspirational values for perfection, instead, they would prevail as inherent conditions to go forth to a high complexity understanding level. The conceptualization of good and evil –among other psychological interpretations− would be certainly the recognition of a radical extremes condition –which misreading has led to a global destabilization− so that’s how we would be able to explore a major range of possibilities to take less precipitated and wrong decisions that has feed an insatiable ambition. The game will be played as long as that’s our species behavior, but  the influence other factors has all over us will awake another magnitude notions in which the game would ceased to give sense to our presence. Climatic conditions, technology, new evolving interactions or inevitable using of other energetic systems, will arrive into civilization and, although it wouldn’t be a warranty that all these new processes to be used in a better way, we should take account that humanity is been wrong for a long time, so this must stop. Is not about to dismiss history and knowledge worked out up to now, nor the importance of the people that has developed it, but now is time to recognize and change the absurd perpetuation of that childish behavior where power and war represents “the game” and entertaining is the strategy to maintain all human strata attached to the tension of its processes. Is totally undeniable how dysfunctional the figure of power becomes by elaborate a belligerent apparatus to preserve a human modality where objects gives objectivity to a bumbling knowledge.
Interpreting a critic argumentation to consumism or an intention to reinsert the historic materialism over this work, would be an incomplete reading of the project, so I’ll push slightly to make it easier to understand. Production modes has shown a great versatility of options to satisfy our natural needs and to speed simultaneously and efficiently multiple processes, many of them has been contained on its functions to keep “the game” almost as an absolute; in this sense, historic materialism is not on discussion, is an structural certitude that won’t be questioned just as an argument exercise. It would be irresponsible to minimize or exclude the profound analysis work in which Marx defined how the industrial era would be thriven over civilization and the processes that had confront it throughout the 20th century. That’s why this is mentioned as such important thing, cause those processes has been effective, no matter if the power figures rest importance at historical thinking works like Marx’s just to impose a looping charade. There’s no intention to expose the ignorance of politicians and other gremials, but the sub estimating attitude for the economical and production procedures they have without any constructive goal. On the other hand, the great scale consumism vice shouldn’t be a worrying issue when all the production needs are perceived; we gain certitude that economical mechanisms can be efficient at working correctly with all market needs. Capitalism is simply a system that concentrates developing modes over fragmented gremials with internal dysfunctions, incapables to converge with consistent methods and interactions that disturb an effective sequence on processes. In strict sense, the States and corporations unable to purify the productive cycles of a nation and its commercial activity that becomes corrupt, implement wrong employment conditions, that won’t renovate their production modes, don’t regulate the mercantile conditions, that maintain unhealthy every developing chain, that use an apparent collective template where the willing attitude remains hinder, society is incapable to emerge from an old fashion alienating condition like this. The present –not the future− needs to come out to a temporal surface to rid off the waste of that human behavior. To remain all systems chained into an exclusive energetic source because of a commercial convenience to justify war activity and hegemonic procedures, shows the properties of the vicious circle in which we all perform that pitiful game. There are different methods to slowing down the human minds –such as cultural, ideological, productive, etcetera− that are constantly actualized to block out the great scale growing of our species. Giving to capitalism any transcendence as a system, would make of this work a constitutive of this obsolete procedure, that’s why capitalism and other issues are not judged here. Not to mention the historic sources, but using this chapter to expose its importance is not arrogance, instead, is avoiding precedent patterns to be recursively repeated and to structure a new knowledge paradigm using certitudes confirmed from the very history where such humanity has always intervene.

                An apparent behavior
                Today, application of power hasn’t essentially changed and has turn into an even more fantastic issue. From economy’s vision to the war as a game with multifaceted rules, porpoises and conflicts are childish games transferred to a financial mode of global interaction; sometimes family games-like, videogames or comics, where an ideal would be to develop artifices to make conflict experience more exciting. Values like glory, honor and competence spirit, transcends the possession of money, everyone conforming the set where reality parameters are barely perceived as segments that vanish off gradually to be concentrated on an altered imaginary builded scenario that moves over new challenges and levels where access depends on a more sophisticated personality or dispositive. None of these should be off-side but confronting notion and wish, reason and dreaming, conscience and possibility, complicate the conditions of a species that is proofing capacities and limitations delayed by procedures that not yet understand about going faster. A solution to go faster would be: To balance our own magnitude on body and mind related to the autonomous development of technique; that’s the only way to avoid that our presence would be reduced as a transition into the cosmic chaotic configuration and left it on an effective prison as sleeping consciousness over that intangible sea made of waving-particles.
                Human brain’s creativity has developed the cognitive strata from a stabilized reality among the natural overwhelming phenomena, our own perception and the interpretative mechanisms to using it. We‘ve been advancing into an environment that doesn’t ceased to reveal details on every scale and with a lot of complexity factors; self macro-structure readapt its functions and modify cycles as a dynamic response to processes; is like a tornado that produces a mechanic macro-micro order and vice versa to be transferred to the sequences that led to evolution phenomenon. Our species arose from this system and inhabit it with the capabilities to perceive and interpret it; we are privilege to appreciate our living experience. Throughout time our species has been consistent and, although some historic passages would have been extracted from a mad man’s imagination, the absurdist into absurd, is that humanity is not a demential entity, all the contrary it has shown an amazing versatility at remaining sane with the processes lived; although it doesn’t seems so, the complete composition is not ill minded. There’s a negative side that impedes us to see the magnificence that we all conforming, though: Our civilization gives up to put on practice the functions that concatenate systems among each other, throwing away the possibilities that proportionally increase that what constitutes the world. Our intelligence has been insufficient to preserve a harmonic coexisting mode until now. It seems that our temper’s instability is by choice, as a decision to impose the parameters of an entity that shows more perturbed features that those of insanity, perceived on the harvest of anomalous germinal projections. This procedure excludes the adaptive conditions of a vital task and so with the recognition that we are intruding as an aberrant entity into our planet. It would be irrelevant that another conscious species would confirmed this statement, humanity does and along centuries is something that wouldn’t recognize, something so simple. Since before the industrial era, when our behavior had not a global impact, this was a notable quality already; now that we are turning to our own habitat, is time to do what we’ve always been avoiding by negligence.
                Our brain has designed a recognizing field to extract and derange as a habitual procedure; so, from this picture, it can be solved by coordinating our perception and our designing rhythm to modify our pre-structures. Progressive advancing of a civilization that won’t restitute but only to consume resources is a development mode that requires new structural settings. Men has served civilization until now for been he’s creation, he’s platform and what certifies the existence of a thinking entity over this huge cosmos –without a high percentage of organic life constitution per planet and under a low profile of physical and organic regime conditions−. What I mean is, though diversity of life in our planet is a cosmos in itself, life evolution in the universe is not a constant phenomenon. Civilization as a system must serves us too and certainly does, but it doesn’t counts with a transference method to make the investments on it to recycling as functional of that what sustains it; waste is only part of what can be reincorporate to the productive circuit. Recycling policies and ambient interests are not authentic strategies for environmental resilience. Populations are unable to identify the annihilation magnitudes –though there are some kind of less polluting intentions− because they are totally integrated to the circumstances chaining on the platform where life performs; efforts to stop a gradual devouring by modus vivendi will keep unfruitful until the coordination among planning and human ambition becomes our modus operandi. Calibrating needs, growing and advancing populations  –problems are now very important statistics, although not a priority to the world interests of our present−, they’re reversible aspects no matter if some ecosystem disappears or a species gets extinct –something that on our hands should be avoided−, we shouldn’t be attached to a mercantile apparatus to magnify all troubles and apply an economical variation for a financial benefit. For instance: If the planet poles melts down, the tactic would be to modify designing and construction methods, cause migrations are a natural reaction, but until now, civilization does not follow this effect. To start with this, a new energy systematization should be implemented; a new international economy paradigm as well and to promote collective collaboration to preserve the functional structures. But the power figures reaction is panic, so devastation effects got intensified, conflicts got sophisticated and they blame up people for the world’s dysfunctions, with porpoises hidden on fake and low importance arguments –those are low profile cause it doesn’t represents any contribution to their obsolete defending pretensions−. To advance on the organizational status, would require identifying new systemic functions and correcting the actual disorders to preserve human species as a solid system for Evolving programming. Developing efforts shouldn’t design a belligerent scenario; mechanical imitation of the sea manthys shouldn’t be part of strategic military combat, for instance. A.I. anthropomorphizing, in one hand, implies to execute implanted values over its programming sentient pre-structures. In this sense security, liberty, truth, love and hate, etcetera, are values that would make functioning an entities psyche that would possibly develop its own perceptive mechanisms. If we could proof that our porpoise was to annihilate planet earth −meaning macro-structurally−, it doesn’t matter, nature will always have a superior magnitude than ours, and if we would dare to challenge its resistance, there’s a possibility for us to win, but surely would be from a synthetizing procedure –like the nano-technologic goo− that would disarticulate or consume complex systems infinitely more transcendent than our species would reach out on that supposition.
                Government’s vision of the world nowadays is comic’s-like esthetic books, where problems reach hallucinating proportions for the reinforced factors of that inert gamming that we are all playing. Problems is where our attention must be, ‘cause even the positive things are linked to an anomalous context. Of course we can be talking about balance, but what has to do with human reason, reaches beyond disorder. Our child inside is ahead from the metaphor and now the child is the parameter to the adult that rules the world to satisfy him. The international conflict nature has turned inadmissible: The struggle to preserve an insipid life status; that configures a fake scenario of good guys and bad guys, which hinder education and interfactorial development; who’s pretention is to preserve the governed figure; that manipulates, intervene and design rebellions; that simulates the recognition of those who make a wise and non-interested contribution to the world; that feeds values as honor, heroism, patriotism and other more to break, sacrifice and idolatrize  them –in any order− when the game apparently gets modified: It is always the same.
                In this times, fiction emerge to reality from people that used to be show makers, they extract their fictional arguments to turn them real. Everybody thinks is pretty exciting to be a fiction-like character, whether it represents good or evil; technology and economy is used to increase military combat aesthetics. Humanity is reproducing a fake parameter to bring out that imaginative mode, instead of integrate knowledge into a systematic reconfiguration of our nature. Obviously imagination is not the only factor to take part of this absurd topic, but ideal of power persist to sustain human coexistence on an apparently irresoluble conflict. We count with a wide notion of the anomalies and the political-economic-social symptoms are perfectly identifiable, but reason remains confused and fascinated with this. The weirdest of all is neither the thinkers, nor the scientist or the powerful people had been able to define a decisive turning or a pragmatic advance with the consistency found on the nature of the very human conflict. Up to now, every kind of development gives up to its particular derived dysfunction and synchronizes to an obtuse settled task. But yet, inside of this incomprehensive context, precisely this one, we can switch to a rational, emotive and cognitive procedure that magnifies the scale to reconfigure the human thinking and will. Is not about to reconstitute ideal of good, because preconception of evil belongs to the anomalous perception of that human harming behavior. The most abominable and painful crime is committed by an articulated justice residing on the human idealizing limbo. A revolution; stepping back to origins; nullifying certain production modes; the use of technology to increase productivity at lowest cost; and money’s transcendent economy, are the most constant archetypes that has been automatically synchronized to the same procedure. Thinking on some of these examples success as syntagmatic (a shiny day), the fact is that if there are no influence to transform its similar, it means that there are other factors their particular process wasn’t able to reorganize. Is not the multiple features of human nature what most to be corrected but its tasks over the structures to enhance its potential. Articulating congruently to those who would show power delirium on the new civilization would situate those persons over a low profile position.

Programming Human evolution
Let’s talk about vivid exploring, human kind is going through a multiple evolving condition where advanced cultures coexist with others that are underdeveloped. To understand which ones are advanced is the interesting issue of this exercise. Technology is an evident premise: those who apply more technology should be more advanced. With reference on mental rhythm –it means that thought comes to provide a less ambiguous perception of reality−,      our evolution should be a bit slower, cause senses and physiology experiments a proportional magnifying increments to make us think differently –harmonically−, but throughout eras, mechanical and intellectual technique have taken us to ascensions that led to abrupt adaptations, so our species haven’t consolidate as a system. Although the most critical history periods are near ages –medium age, renaissance, illustration, industrial age, technological age− and biologically it seems not to happen something relevant, technical and intellectual instrumentation from these periods made possible an accelerated rhythm, making more intense our distorted world conception; distorted by the questions that has been solved with manipulation as a dominant factor, with the porpoise to ensure power −mystique power principally−; it works as an essay for the upcoming times
Practically the prominent technologic advance is competing with nature and is about to take part on a process possibly more transcendent than that of the industrial age. Its evolution is happening in our hands and is very spectacular because it spreads on several versions. We have the systematic technology that we know well and simplify human life. This one comes directly from its recent prehistory, the industrial age from late 19th century. We know this technology pretty well and its characteristics can be resumed as follow:
1.       Evolving by a constitutive synthesizing methodology that becomes a planned time life for commercial issues.
2.       Domestic and industrial use to test specific production and consuming rhythm.
3.       Productions of every kind of transporting vehicles, introduced as the world’s most shared and appreciate cultural traditions.
4.       A very aggressive industrial level that has shown to be pretty efficient for exchange and distribution of every kind of merchandise around the world.
5.       A chance to use inventiveness on every human needing’s.
6.       A huge amount of waste −some of it recyclable and some other that we don’t know yet how to reinsert to production cycles.
7.       Is a constitutive to contemporary economical perception on every level.
8.       Affects all ecosystems, weather, and life all around the planet.
9.       It passes from make things easier to seduce and then persuade to consumption and now to control the ways humans relates themselves.
10.    Has generated new possibilities that are the actual breakthrough where a planetarian age is one of those.
Surely there are some more, but to enumerate ten relevant characteristics should be enough. Before technology arise the way we know it now, on industrial era human expectative was similar –in the sense possibilities on the last centuries was foreseen−; people was more customized, barely open to novelty, they were believers of their values, even though they wouldn’t respect them firmly. Only when man began to use airplanes, when photography and film cameras brought magic out to reality, human kind started to comprehend certain fantastic conditions that were finally available and with low interest about how what caught its attention did worked out; the magnified advancing age included our species abruptly. That turbulent development showed very quickly the kind of destructive power it was capable of and the new financial mechanisms, the new communication and linguistic strategies, opened the curtains of a terrifyingly enchanting world which flux haven’t stopped since then.
Actually, technology has going through industrial age, computational age, digital age, and from here has bifurcate into a several versions like virtuality, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, geoengineering, bionic medicine, etcetera. All these applications have their particular complexity and can correlate among each other. Besides applied tech, there are the theoretical knowledge models like Relativism and Quantum Mechanics; which importance shows the intelligent reason to determine the human mind stability. Another recent theoretical mode is the Holographic Universe that comes from the strings and membrane theories but with more consistency and amazing conclusions yet. Understanding of these scientific models brings us the possibility of an intelligence without anthropocentric line ups –like the god concept would have, it means that it doesn’t needs the human existence to operate; knowledge becomes organized accordingly to the context; the use of nuclear energy, for instance, though it has exceeded the civilization’s infrastructures, is not a threat in itself and its critical disasters are measurable, therefore, it can be controlled. If we were close to a new genesis where quantum mechanics would achieve a disarticulation-resembling procedure to an organic level, it would coexist with robotics –we are not so far from teleportation; but actual technology is not ready yet−, we may be capable, but human perceptive spectrum seems not to be coherent enough at this advance. Teleportation, light magnitude acceleration and molecular physiologic adaptability require a very superior human performance than what we are used right now.
 The worst consequence of this temper is that technology step up from biologic life. What is incomprehensible is to reiterate a non-recommendable behavior by choice; it seems to be ignored that alliance with technology wouldn’t result in the case our participation would be unnecessary as our present format is showing. ¿Why should we assuming to be as despicable as if the entity that would rise from us could despise us? It seems much more coherent to me to reconfigure the systems that we have created and get synchronized to de rhythm of technology, but with knowledge print all over our physiology; our use of resources energy collection and systematization; on the correction of a dysfunctional economy apparatus that would allowed different vitality modes, where evolution programming wouldn’t be restricted to auto-destruction –here “extinction” would be an incorrect word-.  
                The bet now is for nanotechnology to resemble physiological aspects of our body, from microrobots for destroying cellular anomalies and complete cellular and neurons re-functioning, to molecular big format programming that modifies on real time the space, the style and, as it grows in advance, its dynamism could do anything –some even theorize about some kind of massive molecular de-interlacing provoked by the nanobots that would be called Goo; this would be a phenomenon that could happen or not−.
                Besides all the options that had been emerging for human subsistence, the more consistent is the biologic evolution which determines every organic faculties of any living form; cellular degradation, tissue consistency, neurologic functionality, environment adversity, all these are factors to determine the longevity of our species processes, because alternatives to avoid dying when physiology collapses –as it happens with all other living species− has not been developed yet. One of the less random proposals is genetic programming, with a great advancing to inhibit the aging process and cellular regeneration, organ replication and neurological reactivity. What’s interesting about it, is that human constitution conserves integrity, but possibly incrementing evolving resistance without altering original body’s mechanisms so it wouldn’t eliminate its biologic functions.
                The wish to extend longevity by fear to death or curiosity about the future, is an intense trigger that shows up somehow at the individual mind, where some can fantasy about never dying because life is so voluptuous that invites to eternity –of course in some circumstances some could think the contrary−; if we could go through those options, that’s a meaning that humanity would achieve to plan the evolving scenarios belonging to nature; it would show that we have already changed as to magnified our species too. In case that techniques to extend longevity would be active over a political-economic-social restriction context, it would be an equivalent failure as if programming our own short time extinction, because it would implicate that any reconfiguration was ever implemented, so civilization systems should collapse.
                Advancing Human issues